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Motives for sustainable investments & Land Degradation Neutrality - your participation is important! // 13.05.2016

Our future environment will be shaped by the beliefs and behaviour of individuals. As investors have an influential role in the allocation of financial resources to sustainable investments, we are conducting a scientific study at the University of Zurich to better understand sustainable investor behaviour. In particular, we would like to learn:

  • Why do people invest money in a sustainable future?
  • How do motives and perceptions influence sustainable investor behaviour?
  • Understanding the motives and perceptions of different investor types, how could this knowledge encourage sustainable development?            

In addition, this study explores investors' perceptions of land degradation as an environmental issue and the newly-emerging concept of Land Degradation Neutrality as a potential solution to halt and reverse land degradation.

Please, if you are an investor, participate in this online study (total estimated time 10 minutes):

Your answers will be used for the sole purpose of this scientific study and will not be used commercially or shared with third parties

To thank you for your contribution, we would be happy to inform you about the results of the study in December 2016.

We would appreciate it if you could please forward this study invitation to other investors you know who could participate as well.

Please contact Tony Reyhanloo (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you have any questions or comments.




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