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FNG - Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen e.V.

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02.09.2019 Position statement on the negotiations concerning the taxonomy of sustainable economic
                   activities under the EU’s Sustainable Finance Action Plan
                   Download press release


05.06.2018 Germany: Sustainable investment market in Germany grows by nine per cent – sustainable
                    investment funds up by 30 per cent – new recording methods improve transparency and
                   Download press release

05.06.2018 Austria: Sustainable investment market in Austria reaches new record high – sustainable
                   investment funds up by 18 per cent
                   Download press release


01.06.2017 Sustainable investment market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland makes significant
                   gains yet again
                   Download press release and Sustainable Investment Market Report 2017 (in German)

01.06.2017 Swiss Sustainable Investment Market Report 2017: Dynamic growth in sustainable
                   investments driven by greater interest from institutional investors
                   Download press release and Swiss Sustainable Investment Market Report 2017 (EN FR)


10.11.2016 Strong Growth in Sustainable and Responsible Investment across Europe according to
                   Eurosif's European SRI Study 2016.
                   Download press release and European SRI Study 2016


16.12.2015 New FNG Label audited by Novethic awarded to 34 mutual funds
                   Download press release

08.12.2015 Inaugural presentation of the FNG Label: 34 mutual funds receive awards
                   Download press release

17.06.2015 Pan-European consortium launches Sustainable Investment Training Course for financial
                   Download press release

13.05.2015 Sustainable investment markets in Germany, Austria and Switzerland reach record high
                   Download press release

13.05.2015 26 per cent growth: sustainable investments in Switzerland once again achieve
                   significant gains
                   Download press release


07.05.2014 Upward trend in sustainable investments in Switzerland continues -
                   increase of 17 per cent on the previous year
                   Download press release

07.05.2014 Sustainable investments in Germany, Austria and Switzerland continue to grow -
exclusion of cluster munitions and anti-personnel-mines becomes standard practice
                   Download press release 


13.05.2013 Sustainable investments: impressive market growth in Germany,
                   Austria and Switzerland
                   Download press release

13.05.2013 Stronger than ever: sustainable investment market in Switzerland
                   grows by 15 per cent and reaches all-time high
                   Download press release


24.09.2012 5th EUROSIF SRI Study Shows Continuing Growth and Sophistication
                   of Sustainable and Responsible Investment
                   Download press release and European SRI Study

24.09.2012 Sustainable Investment Market Report 2012: Sustainable
                   investments in Germany, Austria and Switzerland once again
                   show strong growth – exclusion criteria join the mainstream
Download press release

30.07.2012 Eurosif Supports Landmark European Commission 
                   Proposal Promoting ESG Investment Disclosure
                   Download press release

19.04.2012 Media Report Shows that  Ethics and Trust are Material to Investors
                   Download press release

18.04.2012 Annual review shows sustainable investments in Switzerland resilient despite
                   difficult market conditions

                   Download press release

09.03.2012 Eurosif Report Shows Enhanced Scrutiny of Supply Chains by Investors
                   Download press release 


01.12.2011 Novethic study: European asset owner’s ESG perceptions and integration practices
                   Download press release

04.10.2011 Eurosif publishes its first-ever Corporate Pension Funds & 
                   Sustainable Investment Study 
                   Download press release

19.09.2011 Eurosif announces new Executive Director and Head of Research
                   Download press release

11.03.2011 Publication of annual study on the volume of sustainable
                   investments in Switzerland: 23% increase reported 
                   Download press release


20.10.2010 European Sustainable and Responsible Investment (SRI) Market almost
                   double since 2008, in spite of the financial crisis, according to 
                   Eurosif's 2010 European SRI Study.
                   Download Press release, Download 2010 European SRI Study"

08.09.2010 Sustainable Investing: An Effective Way for High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs)
                   to Navigate the Financial Crisis  

                   Download press release




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