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FNG - Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen e.V.

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Bank / Kapitalanlagegesellschaft / Asset-Manager


Pictet Asset Management Limited - Niederlassung Deutschland
Neue Mainzer Straße 1
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Miscellaneous Information

Pictet Asset Management is the asset management division of the Pictet Group, one of the leading independent asset managers in Europe. We provide specialist investment management services to institutions globally. We distribute our products across multiple channels and our clients include some of the world's largest pension funds, mutual funds, Sovereign Wealth funds and financial institutions. With fourteen business development centres around the world, Pictet Asset Management has a global reach that extends from London, Geneva, Frankfurt, Paris, Luxembourg, Milan, Madrid and Zurich to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, Montreal and Tapei. We manage money in five centres, London, Geneva, Zurich, Singapore and Tokyo. As at end of June 2011, assets under management and custody within the Pictet Group totalled EUR 299.7 billion and Pictet Asset Management amounted to EUR 95.1 billion. Pictet Asset Management has been active in managing 'best-in-class' SRI portfolios since 1997 and environmental thematic funds since 2000. Within the scope of our 'best-in-class' SRI portfolios we pursue an innovative quantitative investment approach that combines a rigorous extra-financial (ESG) screening with selected financial sustainability factors in order to provide investors with robust core equity portfolios that are more sustainable and financially attractive. In our theme fund range we offer concentrated exposure to a range of environmental themes (water, clean energy, timber, agriculture) that are key to sustainable development. Our theme funds take an active bottom-up approach and integrate ESG criteria within the investment process combined with an engagement overlay for selected companies.




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